A little about me.

A bit of information about me!
It's impossible to say for certain but I do believe I inherited the artistic leaning from my parents. Like them I enjoyed playing musical instruments and trying my hand at drawing and painting. But the one single incident I remember clearly was on a hot summers day when my father was trying to dig out a flower bed from the thick brown clay that the garden was made of. I sat watching him when he stopped digging and gathered up a great lump of the stuff and in no time at all sculpted an image of my head. I was impressed and had a go myself although I don't believe it was any good, After that I tinkered with sculpting and woodcarving but when the teenage era dawned I rather let it go in favour of other pursuits!

After university and twenty years behind a desk and for no apparent reason I decided to make something for myself based on an image I had seen in a book about folklore. After being pestered by a couple of relatives for copies I soon found myself reproducing for friends and even friends of friends! It seemed there was a demand and so I gradually built up the range and began selling at fairs, country shows and other public events. Nowadays my sculptures are mostly sold through galleries, garden centres and home decor retailers. Many of the plaques have been created for specific places of interest for sale in their gift shops. Having something "different" to offer to the visitor is seen as a positive move away from the predictable gifts found in almost every gift shop and I will continue expanding this range. (So if you have a need for a specific themed plaque why not let me know!) All the pieces have been handmade and hand finished so that you can be sure every one is unique. Here you will find sculptures of animals, quirky models and a wide range of plaques designed for use either indoors or outdoors. So, thanks for visiting and I hope you find something you like.